What is it like to be a member of NCCGB?

Lexi Greenwood, member of Senior Choir and current Scholar tells us of her experiences.

How long have you sung with NCCGB?

I have been singing with NCCGB since I was 10 years old when I started in the Yellow Choir! 

Can you remember what happened at your audition?

I remember the nerves on the morning I travelled up to London, I got to sing in such a beautiful little church in front of some incredible musicians. I remember the staff making me feel so comfortable and were so kind and positive about the song I chose. I became very nervous when aurals came around and the staff took the time to ask me about myself and why I enjoyed music, reminding me that everyone is rooting for me! 

The night I received the acceptance letter, my mum sat me down beforehand and reminded me that no matter what the letter says I should be proud…. and to our biggest surprise and happiness I got in!  


What happens on an NCCGB course?

A lot of fun and memorable moments! You start off with most of the choirs coming together for a joint warm up, surrounded by a space full of music and excitement! You practise new pieces with your choir and have a blast doing some recreational activities such as swimming and disco nights. 

Not to mention the food! It’s especially fun when it’s someone’s birthday because we all get to celebrate together.

At the end of the week you get to perform to not only all the choirs, but your parents and peers. The energy coming from all the choirs is infectious and it is a wonderful ending to a great week 

What is the best thing about NCCGB?

One of my favourite parts of the course is the friendships you make, staying away from home can be very daunting but you really do become a family unit. You are surrounded by the most incredible musicians and human beings; the environment is so inspiring and encouraging. I have made lifelong friends and memories during my time with NCCGB.

I’ve met the most inspiring role models such as the senior choir’s conductor Dan and Pianist Phil; their passion for music and ability to create such amazing performances with us is honestly such an honour.  

What would you say to someone who was thinking about joining NCCGB?

It’s the best decision I’ve ever made, NCCGB is my safe haven where I can be myself and make music with my friends. It’s not only made me a better musician, but a better person


What have you learnt with during your time with NCCGB?

 My theory knowledge has come on leaps and bounds after joining NCCGB, it’s a space where I’ve made countless mistakes and that’s completely okay! One of the most impactful lessons you learn over your time together is mistakes help us grow and it’s not the end of the world, we are all in this space to put on the best performance we can.

My confidence in myself and my musical ability has also grown, I have the incredible staff and my friends to thank for that. I was incredibly fortunate to be the offered the choral scholarship and have done some solos over the years, all of which I’m eternally grateful for.

The only reason I had those chances is because I took the leap of faith to get there – never forget you are capable of anything when you work for it! 


Any other thoughts or comments?

I can’t thank the choirs enough for all they have done for me, no matter what has happened in life outside of NCCGB I always look forward to the week away to make music and cherish my friends.  I got to travel to China, perform in the fringe festival and gain some incredible memories along the way.