Aims and Ethos

The choir was founded with the aim of enhancing a young singer’s experience, both musically and socially, and this has remained at the core of our approach. The care of the choir member is holistic; musically, young voices are given the opportunity to develop outside their usual singing environments, and great care is taken to teach singers how to use these voices safely. Personally, NCCGB is an opportunity for members to learn and make new friends, in a supportive atmosphere that focuses on the individual and their wellbeing.

NCCGB has a commitment to inclusivity, and members come from throughout the UK, from a wide range of musical backgrounds. The bursary fund was instituted to support singers who, through financial constraints, might otherwise be unable to join the choir. The workshop programme, which takes place mainly in schools, allows a wider access to the expertise of NCC teachers.

For the future, good educational practices, exciting performing experiences and our holistic care of the individual will continue to be central to every NCCGB activity. The choir will continue striving to stay fresh, exciting and progressive in all it undertakes, using innovative programming to give excellent performances.